Where to buy remedies

I have started to compile a list of suppliers of agro homeopathy remedies. I will add to this as I find more.

Health food shops and pharmacies sell some of the more common remedies, such as Sulphur and Thuja, in little ‘clicker’ bottles. They usually come in either 6c or 30c potencies.


Helios is a UK supplier of homeopathic remedies and many other natural products. They ship worldwide.

To order remedies, select Enter Shop, then Remedies made to order, then find your remedy. Select Centesimal and Decimal Potencies, Form – select granules, choose your size, potency usually 6x, 6c or 30c.

Note that Helios don’t show Helix Tosta as a 6x on their website, but they do stock it. I phoned up to get this, but you can probably email them.

Narayana Publishers : Homeoplant
Books, remedies, information on the remedies and customer experiences on various diseases and pests.

They are a German based company, and they ship worldwide. You can look at the remedy kits they supply to decide which potency might be useful. They supply the remedies in liquid form or pills (‘globuli’).


Remedies and books on this page. The rest of the website has a wealth of information about biodynamic agriculture.


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