Helix Tosta 1, Slugs 0

006 I don’t normally have much luck with peas. At first, I thought they weren’t germinating, but I have since realised that the slugs have been getting them. This year, I decided to do a pre-emptive strike with Helix Tosta 6x. This is a remedy made from toasted snail shells, and has been proved to be very effective against slug and snail damage. The 6x potency has a much higher amount of the substance in it than 6c or 30c. Continue reading

An update on the Strawberry Patch

Well the snow has finally melted and the strawberry plants can see daylight again. I cut off all the old diseased leaves before the snow, and a few new leaves have started to emerge. It’s a bit hard to tell if they are clear of blight, but some of them do look a bit suspicious. I decided to give them another dose of Sulphur 30c, not least because I don’t think the snow helped their recovery. I may give them a repeat treatment in a few days, since blight is quite stubborn. If it doesn’t seem to be working, I will have to re-think my choice of remedy – maybe Thuja or Ferrum Phos. There seems to be a bit of trial and error required in agro homeopathy, especially when you’re still getting the hang of it.

Continue reading

My first test subject: The Money Plant

018I would like to introduce my first test subject for homeo gardening: my money plant. Or crassula ovata, to give it its full name. It has been sulking in my money corner for a while now and has been chronically infested with mealybugs. Maybe that’s why it’s not making me any money! I tried horrible chemical sprays. I tried getting them off with cotton buds and vodka, which is just a waste. But they just kept coming back, so I gave up and left it. Now, with my new favourite gardening technique, it has a chance again! Continue reading

My new agrohomeopathy book.

027I have just received my first agrohomeopathy book, ‘Homeopathy for Farm and Garden’ by Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj. Kaviraj is something of a legend in agrohomeopathy, which he kind of discovered by accident. He is a homeopath, and he was visiting a patient to treat the family and animals. Their apple tree had rust, and he looked at the symptoms, analysed it as if the tree was a person, and suggested giving Belladonna. To cut a long story short, the tree was cured and agrohomeopathy was born! The subject has been looked at as a scientific concept up to 200 years ago, but Kaviraj set out to discover which remedies were useful for specific plant problems. Continue reading

Homeopathy for Plants

Experiments and experiences in agrohomeopathy

Hi! My name is Celia and I am studying homeopathy. I am also a keen organic gardener, and now I want to combine my two passions. I have been finding out about agrohomeopathy, which is using homeopathy with plants. It probably sounds a bit bonkers – but I want to try it out and see if it works. It has been used to heal plants with various diseases, blights, fungal infections etc as well as in pest control – snails, caterpillars, bugs…. I have started sowing this year’s veg and I have started to collect a few remedies that are used with plants, and I plan to blog about my progress here. Watch this space… who knows, it might even work!