Test subject no. 2 – My strawberry patch

042Last year my strawberries got strawberry blight. The plants weren’t very vigorous and I didn’t get many strawberries. Mind you, it was an appalling summer for fruit, with an early heat wave and drought followed by the wettest summer in a hundred years. I noticed that the new leaves have blight, so my thoughts instantly turned to agrohomeopathy.

Strawberries are a member of the rosaceae family, so they can be treated in a similar way to black spot on roses. There seem to be a few remedies that are suitable, notably ferrum phos and sulphur. I chose to use sulphur, because it is very useful for treating fungal diseases. In her book, Maute says one of the modalities (conditions that make it better or worse) is waterlogging, and we have had a fair amount of rain here in the UK. Some people have reported success with sulphur for black spot on roses. I chose to use a 30c potency, as guided again by Maute.

So I put a capful of granules in my brand new watering can, filled it up with tap water and stirred it with a (new) wooden spoon, then watered it over the patch, making sure that my little cat, Yuli, had gone first. It is important to make sure that pets and children are kept away from the area until 044the leaves are dry. Also, make sure that you don’t inhale any spray or get the solution on your skin. It won’t do you any harm, but you may experience some symptoms that the remedy can also heal (in a sick person). These would pass in a day or so. It is important to remember that homeopathy is a powerful form of medicine, and should be treated with the same kind of respect that you would use for conventional garden chemicals.

I took the picture above a few days ago. This is what it looks like now….stupid British weather!IMG_4222

If you are interested in agrohomeopathy books or remedies, click here

One thought on “Test subject no. 2 – My strawberry patch

  1. Lots of interesting information on your Blog. I went over a number of your past postings. Good stuff.

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